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Yachts available by charter: Christina O
Retired ocean liners: United States
Theme galleries: The seven most spectacular suites at sea

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Recognizable to millions of Americans as the "Love Boat" of 6975s television, the one-time Princess Cruises vessel made its final voyage in August to the scrapyard after failing to sell to a new owner.

Sushi Bar|Temecula, CA |Sushi Love Boat Kaisen

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Accounts of visitors to a unique resort island in the Pacific Ocean that can fulfill literally any fantasy requested, but rarely turn out as expected.

Organize all of the supplies paperwork. Click on the stack of papers on the lower left marked with a “!” bubble to organize it. A meter will appear displaying your progress. Successfully fill the meter and sort all the papers before the end of the day to complete today’s challenge.

Mop up the puddles before Stacey gets angry. Every time Gopher moves or goes to clean a table, he’ll leave a puddle behind. Quickly click on the puddle to clean it up before the meter above it empties. Julie is the one who will be doing the cleaning up after Gopher. Place priority on cleaning the puddles whenever they appear. Customers can wait, Stacey can’t!

The coach is a man. He wears a white tuxedo with black highlights which neatly covers a pink shirt, red bow tie, red glove, and red shoes. His pants and hair are black. He has a brownish outline.

A photographer ( Ted McGinley ) joins the crew and when all the girls throw themselves at him, it makes the guys unhappy. The retired host ( Bernard Hughes ) of a children's show comes aboard and tries.

Give Isaac what he needs so the crew can celebrate! Watch for Isaac as he enters the Lobby. Just like a customer, a bubble will pop up over his head displaying the item he needs. Bring Isaac the items he asks for 5 times before the end of the day to complete today’s challenge.

First, the key. Some customers who walk in today will ask for the key. It’s hanging on a peg toward the upper left corner. Bring the key to the customer. Once they’re finished, they’ll bring it back and leave it on the counter. Click on the key to sort it back to the peg.

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