Pinnacle Studio 21 & S16/S20, Frequently Asked Questions

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Problem #7: You have deleted because of a file corruption (See FAQ #8), and you lost all your settings.

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To summarize, you really should limit your choices to the Plus and Ultimate versions depending on how you edit your videos. If you re a fan of simple editing without a lot of transitions or plugins, the Plus version should prove quite satisfactory. If you like to play with effects, transitions and plugins, you may be tempted by the Ultimate version that will offer an unexpected palette of effects, transitions and plugins.

Pinnacle Studio 21 Review - Program Overview & New Features

Hi Bart, OK then!
I got your other note by the way.
So first up good detective work!
I think from that there is clearly a problem with the NewBlue filter OR its integration inside Pinnacle.
So as a result of that I have no idea what to do!
If I were you I would absolutely raise a ticket with Corel to see of they can replicate the problem and secondly I would post all that detail on to the Pinnacle User forum to see if anyone there has any ideas.
Forum address here: http:///forums/797/

On your new hard drive or your new PC, BEFORE installing Studio, create a new folder called C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Pinnacle\Pixie for XP or C:\Users\All Users\Pinnacle\Pixie (or C:\ProgramData\Pinnacle\Pixie ) for Vista or Seven and put the contents of the original Pixie folder inside of it.

You have installed Pinnacle Studio, you want to start working with it, but now you realize that it s awfully slow. you computer is not the best one for non linear video editing. Or simply you would like it to go faster! No panic, before throwing the computer out the window, there is a solution.

S. Arnold has traced this problem to corruption in the settings file, which is located here:
''C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Avid\Studio\\Settings\''
where ''User Name'' is the user''s login name.
To see this file you will need to go to the folders options in Windows explorer and set ''Folder Options / View'' to ''Show hidden files, folders and drives''

Hi Lance,
I have done some tests with acceleration through the CUDA, and without that help, rendering is faster. As an example, I have a 9-minute video with a few transitions. With Cuda, rendering takes 8:55 minutes and without Cuda takes 5:85 minutes. I 8767 ve always activated the CUDA in all versions of Pinnacle Studio, but I only decided to test how important it would be in the editor 8767 s performance in version 69. Now I 8767 m in version 75 and the result is the same.
Have you ever done this experience of shutting down the CUDA? Do you have a solution for that? Thank you.

Solution: we installed AVID Studio on a brand new computer, with nothing previously installed (no Pinnacle/AVID beforehand). We have seen that there are some small differences compared to the results when doing an upgrade (or when Pinnacle Studio xx is present). This is related to the previous content you may have had in the past. We re still trying to compare the different folders and we will tell you all the differences here soon.

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The editor of choice for me in the past 5 or 6 years is Cyberlink PowerDirector (version 66 should be released in the next 8 or 9 weeks if I had to guess, based on previous release dates). Anyway, before finally settling on PowerDirector, I went through several versions of Pinnacle Studio, each time hoping that the crash-o-rama nature of the program had improved. After being fed up with it, I tried several of the others you mention here, such as Magix Movie Edit Pro, Video Studio and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. I have to say that PowerDirector, although missing a few bells and whistles (effects and transitions found in some of the other 8775 premium 8776 versions of those editors), I GLADLY give that up for the awesome STABILITY that PD provides. In all the years I 8767 ve had PowerDirector, I can count on one hand the number of crashes I 8767 ve had. And that means a lot.

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