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x7568 Insert the bulb holder making sure the PUDDLE LIGHT (fig. 87) IF AN INTERIOR side catches click into place (E). (for versions/markets where LIGTH GOES OUT applicable) x7568 Refit the transparent cover-bulb holder (C) in the support (D). To change the bulb, proceed as follows: x7568 .

Alfa Romeo racing Trofeo series

CONTROLS ON FRONT PANEL Audio section x7568 Loudness function (excluding versions with Bose HI-FI system) x7568 Standard equalization (excluding ver- sions with Bose HI-FI system) x7568 Personal equalization (excluding ver- sions with Bose HI-FI system) x7568 Automatic volume changing according to car speed x7568 .

Alfa Romeo 147 Parts - Alfa Workshop

(maximum 7 min- tem operating fault. It is therefore necessary utes or until the ignition key is set to MAR) to contact Alfa Romeo Authorised Services. the following should be borne in mind: A5A5555m fig. 7.

A5A6597m The sizes are in mm and refer to the car fitted with standard tyres. Slight changes with optional tyres. Height with unladen car. LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT VOLUME Capacity....797 dm Capacity with rear seat fig. 7 back rest folded..6597 dm 5-door versions IMPRESSION - PROGRESSION.

x7568 once the correct tyre pressure has because the tyre is too much been reached, start driving immediately to engage the hzandbrake damaged. Contact Alfa Romeo Authorised Services. WARNING It is absolutely necessary A5A6655m.

(.: 8 x779F 7 x779F 6 x779F 5) justed correctly. governed by precise regulations. The display (A), in the tachometer, shows Contact Alfa Romeo Authorised Services to the positions while adjustment is being have the headlights correctly adjusted. made.

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME Thousands of km x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF Check tyre conditions/wear and adjust pressure if necessary Check operation of lighting system (headlights, direction indicators, hazard x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF x75CF .

Passenger x7569 s side (fig. 88) 5-DOOR VERSIONS WARNING The button (A) controls the passenger x7569 s Incorrect use of the power Front door on driver x7569 s side side window. windows can be danger- (fig. 89) ous. Before and during operation IMPORTANT The passenger x7569 s window The driver x7569 s door panel plate contains the of them always make sure that the is fitted with a device for x756C continuous au-.

A5A5889m A5A5895m view of restraint systems, children are con- sidered as adults and wear belts normally. The Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo includes seats for each weight group, which are the recommended choice because they have been designed and specifically experiment- ed for Alfa Romeo cars.

ADJUSTING THE HEIGHT BACK REST TILTING (fig. 65) CENTRAL ARMREST (fig. 66) (fig. 65) (upon request for (upon request for versions/markets To gain access to the rear seats, pull the versions/markets where where applicable) handle (E), the back rest folds and the seat applicable) is free to run forwards.

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