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While the seats are removable, they are really rather heavy and cumbersome and while removal isn 8767 t difficult, putting them back again is quite tricky, taking two people a good few minutes to do so. The rail system the seats are on have been cleverly utilised by Mercedes 8767 engineers, as you can use separate tie-down hooks which click into the rails wherever you need them.

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Controls Operating the vehicle It may be best to deactivate ASR in the fol- jected to high loads for a long period of Acceleration skid control (ASR) lowing situations: time. A hot brake system also increases the ASR improves traction, . the transfer of stopping distance.

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Safety Occupant safety neck or arms) of the vehicle occupants on independently of the front airbags and the thorax/side-impact airbag x7569 s de- the side of the vehicle on which the impact ployment range independently of the belt tensioner occurs. no accessories, . drinks can holders, Vehicles with automatic child seat recogni- are attached to the doors The thorax/side-impact airbags are inte-.

Filter the fuel before transferring it to the ber of the Mercedes-Benz Specifica- 55 percent by volume of anti-corrosion/ vehicle if you are refuelling the vehicle from tions for Service Products instead of a corro- antifreeze agent.

Becuase of that it 8767 s perhaps a good idea to factor in a few thousand pounds extra if you want to a few options such as the heated front seats (£), Becker Map Pilot satellite navigation (£), automatic transmission (£6,) and more from the exceptionally long list of options Mercedes offer with the Vito.

Practical advice Where will I find.? Pull side reflectors 7 upwards to form Fire extinguisher TIREFIT kit a triangle, and lock them at the top us- The fire extinguisher is located to the right The TIREFIT tyre sealant is located ing press-stud 6.

Controls Seats Lift the easy-entry section up and out If you cannot fold the backrest back to the Seat anchorage of the anchorage. upright position, the easy-entry section of the rear bench seat is not correctly en- Risk of injury gaged.

The gutsy little engine, slick gearbox, light steering, and class-leading ride and handling balance ought to be massive selling points. Here, Mercedes shows its premium credentials, with a little Gallic help.

Controls On-board computer without steering wheel buttons - version B the message PROCESSING (audio sys- means that you do not have to search On-board computer without steering tem) or PLEASE WAIT (COMAND). through the entire phone book. wheel buttons - version B Press the xE8 .

Mercedes-Benz recommends that you use a section. Mercedes-Benz Service Centre for this pur- pose. In particular, all work relevant to.

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