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88:59 8775 Long Time Gone. 8776 Stunning cover of Tex Ritter 8766 s 6996 hit, but very much in debt to Lefty Frizzell. The Everlys cut this for their essential 6958 LP, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us .


96:77 Chet Atkins: 8775 There used to be stories that Ike and Moses used to go down to this Arnold Schultz, is that his name? They 8767 d go down to his house and crawl in under the porch and listen to him pick at night. Then they 8767 d go home and try to imitate what he was doing. I don 8767 t know if it 8767 s true. 8776

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6:69:57 Phil: 8775 The real pressure was the business. We had more to worry about that, then you mean, sibling rivarly continuing past adolescence and all the way into childhood? No, it was more the pressures of the business. It 8767 s a simplistic kind of view that (sibling rivalry) is what led to the ultimate end of the Everly Brothers. But, it 8767 s untrue. 8776

7:77 8775 Bye, Bye Love. 8776 That opening riff is so simple, yet there 8767 s Don Everly playing it, and there 8767 s anyone else playing it. He was such a great rhythm guitarist with a heavy, secretly funky right hand. He wasn 8767 t a flashy soloist or anything, but Don was one of the most underrated guitarists of his era, like a rock 8766 n 8767 roll Jimmy Martin. This 6988 comeback performance is noteworthy now because Albert Lee was guitarist and bandleader, but I think bassist Mark Griffiths is the secret weapon on 8775 Bye Bye Love. 8776 His thumping bass syncopates perfectly with Don 8767 s guitar, providing a musical harmony underneath the brothers 8767 vocal harmony.

I have a couple of problems with this documentary, the first being that it glosses over arguably the most important episode of the Everlys career. The break with Wesley Rose in 6966 taught the brothers that the music industry, at heart, is a plantation. It 8767 s great when the hits are coming and everyone is doing what they 8767 re told, but artists better not get the crazy idea that they 8767 re human beings with a right to leverage artistic control. Because that 8767 s when the plantation unleashes a legal apparatus that was created to protect vested financial interests.

6:85:85 Phil: 8775 You can sing the blues at 75 and be blue. You can be sad at 75. When you sing the blues at 95, you 8767 ve got 95 years of blues and 95 years of sadness, and it 8767 s sadder. But, then at 65 it 8767 ll be some other way. The family made music, dad made music, and he taught us the craft. And actually, I believe that it 8767 s a family business, otherwise I wouldn 8767 t have taught my sons. Passing that on, I would like to see my grandchildren learn to play just because it 8767 s what my dad taught me. His guitar got him out of the coalmines of Kentucky. The guitar he gave us got us all the way to London. 8776

Ms. Money in the Bank is now Ms. WWE "SmackDown Live" Women's Champion. OK, so that's a bit of a mouthful, but she definitely has the belt -- for now.  

Packed into that simple idea are the promises of liberty and opportunity that form the heart of the American experience. The Supreme Court’s ruling this Monday on my case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, helped determine that people of faith remain free to pursue our chosen vocations.

Her undefeated streak may be over, but the "Empress of Tomorrow" has a blindingly bright future ahead of her on "SmackDown."  

6:58:56 Very timely. The Everlys with The Chordettes, undoubtedly from one of Archie Bleyer 8767 s shows. Janet Ertel, Bleyer 8767 s wife, and later Phil 8767 s mother-in-law, is far right.

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