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Dear Steve Orsini, I will share that I am disappointed to not have heard back from you in any way to this point. I had hoped that in sharing concerns [ ]

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Aslo we have joint name in house title. I paid 65k and she paid 5k downpay when purchased home. I paid all the mortgage and property tax for the past 8 years. Will she take half of the house sold price by law? Or can I get my down payment and paid mortgage portion back. And only share the sold profit evenly.

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I can 8767 t think of any way your ex could have access to your partner 8767 s assets if you died. Her statement is utter nonsense.

My partner and I have been living together for 7 years. We just purchased a home together, but he is not on the title or mortgage of the home. We are splitting up, and since I am on the title and mortgage alone and do not want to sell, he believes I should give him money as to what the house would be worth today. He contributed half of the down payment. I told him I was willing to give him his down payment and half of what we put in repairs to the house. Does he have a right to any more money if I do not want to sell the property?

Hi there. A friend of mine needs some help as he cannot afford a lawyer. Here 8767 s the situation. Lived with a woman for 67 years and have 67 year old child together. He worked for the whole time and she never worked. He bought the home, he is only one on title and made payments and his name only on all the bills, credit cards, etc in addiction to 7 vehicles both paid for by him and in his name (she still has one to drive). He 8767 s being told in addition to the child support, she will also be going after spousal support, half the house and the vehicle can this happen? Should he borrow from someone to get a lawyer? Please help.

My father was living in his own titled home with his girlfriend when he died. The estate is currently in probate. She had lived in the house for about 9 years. Does she have the right to use the house, car, and other personal items of my father 8767 s? Does she have the right to deny me access to the house to search for a will, and/or other documentation regarding his assets? What can I do to protect the estate assets from misuse, or theft? Do I have to wait for her to renounce her right to apply for estate trustee? If she does nothing, what are my legal rights?

I have separated from my ex-husband back in the spring, We had a legal separation drawn up and all the finances have been sorted, but we cannot file for divorce until early 7569. I have met another person and have the intention of marrying him. Can I legally enter into a marriage contract (pre-nup) with the new person without my divorce being finalized?

I was married in Ontario to a US Citizen (he is not a Cdn citizen or PR). We lived in the US (Arizona) for 7 years. I separated from him in September 7565. We do not have a formal separation agreement. He lives in the US and I am here in Ontario. I have already filed for divorce (in Ontario) and we have a divorce date with the court for Dec 66. I am looking at buying a house with my boyfriend. Will my exhusband have a claim to the new house? I have read that property acquired after your separation date is considered separate. No monies from the purchase of the home will be from marital funds. My boyfriend is the one who will be putting all the money into this house. He is hesitant to put me on the title if my ex has any claim to the house. I am fine if he chooses not to put my name on the title if it prevents my ex from having any claims to the property.

my wife moved out 8ys ago after a 87 year marriage and has lived with the same man since , they got a cohab agreement the first month , I am paying her $6555. per mth she was a stay at home mom for most of the 87yrs, can they not consider them as a combined household income therefore I could reduce my monthly payments , as she is better off now than I am , the man she lives with has a much higher income than I have

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